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1. Introduction

We have created a series of topics and questions that will help you think about your personal memories and life stories.  Each question will help you get to know someone’s life story a little better.  More importantly, the questions will give you the excuse to phone someone, write them a letter or email them.

2. Player Roles

You can choose to take the role of a Story Collector (interviewer) or a Storyteller (or both)

If you want to be a Collector, you’ll need to decide who you want to play with (family, friends, neighbours) and the method (either email, letter or phone contacts).  We can help if you want to volunteer to talk to other people in the community who want to join the Quest but don’t have anyone to play with.

3. Daily Questions

When lockdown began in March we started sending out topic sheets to our mailing list.  We hope to keep doing this as our community grows, but for now you can find all the topics so far on our Topics page.  The topics give you an excuse to call or write to your story quest partner.  We expect players to respond to the question in the way that is most suited to them – either through a friendly chat by phone, writing a letter, or by email.  Some questions will require a bit of thought, so we expect people to give each other some time to think about their answers.  We encourage people to spend some time scripting their answers and to record their answers.

Senior couple hugging

4. Share Stories

We hope that some respondents will agree to share their stories with us too (but you don’t have to), so we can include the most interesting or humorous responses for everyone to enjoy.


We also hope that you will share ideas for questions and tips for others to help enjoy the game!

Helping Hands

5. Create your life story

By the end of this exercise, we hope you will have created a family record that you can keep and enjoy in the future.  We also hope you will have developed stronger relationships with your friends and family.


We also hope that the virus will have faded before we run out of questions….

Old Documents


Old telephones in a row

Contribute life stories via phone call, video call, email or written letters.

Stay connected and improve your well-being during isolation.

Create a legacy by writing or recording your stories.

Family Portrait 5

Collect life stories with family members, friends or vulnerable community members.

Build stronger relationships.

Encourage kids to participate.

Kids Doing Homework

Write letters, call or email to hear life stories from close relatives.  Write to practice writing skills and enjoy receiving correspondence.  Call to practice conversation skills and improve relationships.

Whichever method you choose, you'll have fun!

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