Here are some simple helpsheets that will guide you in writing and recording your stories:


Top 10 Tips for Storytellers


Top Ten Tips for recording life stories


Top 10 Tips for Story Collectors


Methods for recording your stories



If you are playing the Quest with grandparents or family relatives, we've created the following helpsheets for you:


Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!


Kids Letter Template


Kids Answer Sheet


Is there a cost?

No - participation is completely free.  Of course if you wish to make a donation to help us continue our work, it would be gratefully received.

How can I get involved?

You can get involved in a number of ways.  If you want to share your stories we can match you to a story collector.  If you want to volunteer as a story collector without anyone to interview, we can add you to our list.  If you have family, you can do it all yourself.

Are my stories private?

Your stories are between you and your story collector.  It is up to you if you share them.  

What if I miss a question or cannot answer?

It doesn't matter. You can either save the story for another time or skip to the next one.  We want the questions to act as a prompt for conversations.




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