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Here's our summary helpsheet on how to play the game:

How to Play


Here are some simple helpsheets that will guide you in writing and recording your stories:


Top 10 Tips for Storytellers


Top Ten Tips for recording life stories


Top 10 Tips for Story Collectors


Methods for recording your stories



If you are playing the Quest with grandparents or family relatives, we've created the following helpsheets for you:



Kids Letter Writing Template


Is there a cost?

No - participation is completely free. We just want to encourage people to have conversations and have fun by sharing life stories.

How can I get involved?

You can get involved in a number of ways.  For example you may want to play as a family or with a friend.  You can also play on your own as part of our Story Quest community.  If you'd like a partner, let us know and we can match you to a story collector. 

How do I share stories?

We'll be sending out topics every few days that will act as a prompt for conversations between you and your Story Quest Partner.  It's up to you how you communicate - perhaps by phone call, facetime/skype, email or even written letters.  We would suggest you communicate once to explain the topic and again to discuss the response.  If your partner is on email you can also email them the topic sheet too.

Are my stories private?

Yes - your stories are between you and your story collector.  It is up to you if you share them with us - although we'd love to know how you get on!  

What sort of topics are you covering?

We'll be doing a whole range of topics that we hope you will find fun and interesting.  To give you an idea, we'll be covering 'Childhood Games', 'Keepsakes and Mementos' and 'Fashion' as a few of the topics.

What if I miss a question or cannot answer?

It doesn't matter!  We are making previous topics available for your to request here.  If you don't wish to answer a topic or run out of time, that's fine too you can either save the story for another time or skip to the next one.  We want the questions to act as a prompt for conversations.

What if my memories are upsetting?

Our topics are designed to be lighthearted and fun.  We hope people will play sensibly and suggest that you do not attempt to discuss topics that cause anxiety or other stress.  If you find you need special support, we recommend contacting the Samaritans who are always available to listen on 116 123.

Is there anything I should consider with safeguarding?

Yes.  We expect most people to play safely with their families but please be mindful of safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.  We recommended oversight by a parent or carer.

How can I record my stories?

We encourage people to preserve their stories.  There are a number of ways you can choose to do this - you or your story quest partner might just want to write notes or a couple of pages, or you might want to record your voice.  Check out our helpsheets for more ideas.

Who is behind this scheme?

We're Chronicle.  We are focused upon helping people to preserve their personal life stories and have a range of products and services that help.  This is our response arising from the COVID-19 crisis to help reduce isolation and anxiety in our communities by encouraging people to have conversations around life stories.  Other partners have jumped on board with the scheme including Nerostorm, Marshall Wolfe and Cherrybank Creative.  You can read more about us on the 'About us' page.

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