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Old and Young

With current Government restrictions on face-to-face contact, many people are facing the challenges of coping with isolation.  It is particularly difficult for older people who may already be lonely or who lack regular social interactions. 

We need to take care of vulnerable people - that’s why Chronicle has created the Life Story Quest to help make life in isolation a little more bearable!  We believe in social distancing, not social isolation.

The idea of joining our Life Story Quest is to encourage social interaction between friends, family and other 'life questers' either by email or phone, and to achieve something positive as an outcome.  Sharing life stories is a positive activity that supports mental health and well-being.  For kids, this also provides an opportunity for learning and an intergenerational activity too.  At the end of the Quest, you will have created a life story that can be preserved and enjoyed in the future.

When we all emerge the other side of this pandemic, our future selves will look back at this time of challenge.  What will we think?  Participating in this Quest, will help you reduce isolation with friends and family and you can take comfort that you used some of the time to create something worthwhile.  You will have got to know your loved ones a little more and maybe learnt a few life lessons too.

We are being encouraged to contact older people, but often it can be difficult to know how to start a conversation – especially if you are speaking every day.  Many of life’s pleasures that we often chat about will be on-hold and the danger is we feel we have nothing to say, or we just talk about the news, and that is unlikely to be positive, at least for a while.



The Life Story Quest is a scheme that we have created to help make a difference during these uncertain times.  Chronicle is a small company that focuses on helping people to record and preserve their personal stories.  We are based in Suffolk, UK


The following project partners are supporters of the scheme:

MW Hiring by Design - Transparent Master

The team at Marshall Wolfe are providing back office support with the project as well as volunteering staff time to help contact people at risk of isolation.


Nerostorm is providing technical development and support for the scheme.

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