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Enjoy our free community scheme to reduce isolation by talking about life stories!

Perfect for kids & Grandparents!

Social distancing shouldn't mean we need to be isolated.

We want to encourage people to stay connected by having conversations about their life stories.

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Our FREE Life Story Quest conversation starters help friends and relatives stay connected (great for kids at home!).  We provide topics for you as a trigger for fun conversations.  Use them as an excuse to call or write to someone, enjoy the conversation and improve their well-being - and your own too! 

Do you know a family relative, local neighbour or friend who may feel isolated and benefit from a conversation?


Discuss the best way to contact each other (e.g. phone, letter or email) and use our topics as a basis for your conversations. 

We hope our prompt sheets will lead to positive conversations and open the door to better health and well-being.  We also hope you will record your stories (either by writing down your answers or recording your voice).  By doing so, you will also create a wonderful legacy.


Being happy and mentally active helps us to be healthy.  In these difficult times, social connections are important, particularly those at risk of isolation. Sharing life stories helps with our mental agility.  Exchanging stories will help to create positive feelings and comfort everyone in these anxious times.


At the end of the conversations, you should have a wonderful insight into your loved ones.  You may also have created a wonderful record to look back upon in the future.



Chronicle has been recording life stories since 2015 so we are used to asking questions to capture people’s personal stories.  We have created a set of topic sheets on a range of general subjects that are interesting to talk about, along with a few hints and tips for each one. 

For example, we might suggest a topic like "Childhood Games" which along with a few hints such as:

  • What games did you enjoy as a child?

  • Do you remember the names of these games?

  • What was it about these games that you enjoyed most?

  • Do you feel these games taught you any life skills?  

  • How do they compare to games today? 

The aim is that by discussing and considering these questions, you can think about and understand a piece of your life story.  If you write your answer down (or record your voice), then by the end of the Quest, you will have a wonderful record of some of your life memories.

…and don’t forget, this is a great activity for kids to chat to their grandparents!

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